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Mondrian Spiders inspired by Mrs T’s First Grade Class. This is a really nice art project which children really enjoy. I decided that rather than paint the spiders, we would make them 3D. Using scrunched up newspaper wrapped with black tissue paper for the body and black pipe cleaners for the legs (which were taped on). Eyes and teeth we made from paper and glued on. The spider was glued on once the paint had dried.


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Foil Collage

Red Car


This particular project had lots of processes for the children to try out and they really enjoyed it. Firstly the students began by sticking different construction bits & pieces like buttons, craft matchsticks, metal washers, punchinella and cardboard shapes etc. onto a thick cardboard base using PVA glue. The children had free reign to create whatever picture they wanted. Once complete the whole of the collage was given a coat of PVA glue, a sheet of thick aluminium foil was cut slightly larger than the size of the collage, allowing the extra for an overlap. The foil was gently crumpled then smoothed out to create texture. Once placed on the collage (starting from the centre) the foil was burnished using the back of a spoon, the edges were folded to the back and glued to secure.

The students were amazed to see their design appear through the foil. Next, black boot polish was applied to the foil with a soft cloth (this was quite smelly & messy, so aprons, an open window & newspaper to protect table surfaces are required). The shapes were outlined with either a black oil pastel or sharpie, this gave definition to the collage shapes. Acrylic paints were mixed with Winsor & Newton Galeria gloss medium, which gives the paint a nice translucent effect, the children applied this to parts (or all) of their collage.

Backgrounds were created, each student was given an A3 sheet of Cartridge paper which they flicked paint colour on, being inspired by their collage. Once dried, we (the adults) glue gunned the collage onto the background. Thinking about where to place the collage was an important part of the process. Decorating the background with buttons & ribbons was optional. Finally, each child had to carefully think about some words to print on their completed artwork which reflected the picture they had just created. When displayed in the school, the pictures were very much admired.

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During last term I worked with year groups 3 & 4 on the theme of habitats. The children researched their chosen animal and its surroundings and put their data into a small handmade book which they could personalise. Some children worked in groups of two/three.

To make the 3D collage of their chosen animal the children used an old box for the habitat and decorated it accordingly. To sculpt the animals, newspaper was shaped and taped in place then covered with paper maché. Once dried the animals were painted and placed in position in their respective boxes.

This project really engaged the children, there was much excitement & fun during the making, then at the end pride and sense of achievement.

Unfortunately we did run out of time for this project and some children didn’t completely finish the decorating of their boxes, which was a shame.

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