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The AccessArt Village exhibition at Farfield Mill, photograph by AccessArt

Last year some of my sewing club students took part in ‘The AccessArt Village’ participatory project devised by AccessArt and supported by Appletons Wool.

The aim of the project was simply to inspire the AccessArt audience of all ages to embroider a line drawing of their home on a 20 cm square piece of fabric. These embroideries were then sent to AccessArt to be cut and mounted to create the AccessArt Village. We are very excited that our embroideries are part of this wonderful installation which will be exhibited around the UK!

The AccessArt Village has its first exhibition at Farfield Mill in Cumbria, 12th September – 22nd October.

There are over over 700 embroidered pieces on display, lovingly created by children, accomplished artists and older generations.

“Whilst highlighting the character and individuality of each piece, the project celebrates the diversity of our audience and reminds us of the universal sanctity of ‘home’.” AccessArt.

The AccessArt Village will be on display at the following five venues – try and visit if you can, it’s sure to be a stunning exhibition!

13/09/2017 to 22/10/2017:  Farfield Mill, Cumbria

14/11/2017 – 21/12/2017: Mansfield Central Library, Notts

17/01/2018 – 31/01/2018: Brentwood Gallery, Essex

20/02/2018 – 20/03/2018: Whitley Bay Library, Tyne and Wear
Only a section of the AccessArt Village will be on display at this venue, as exhibition space is limited.

May-June 2018: Old Gala House, Galashiels – dates to be confirmed. A London date is also being discussed.

For information about visiting the exhibition, please contact the venue or check their web page.


AccessArt Village installation, photograph by AccessArt



AccessArt Village, photograph by AccessArt









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Click on the link below to read another article about the Art Cabin’s Big Draw event.

St Cross Design.

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The Welwyn Hatfield Times wrote an article about the Big Draw Event we held for the Grand Opening of the Art Cabin.

Press coverage from the Welwyn Hatfield Times

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The Art Cabin was put to the test during ‘African week’ at the school. I was really pleased to be able to take classes in the Art Cabin despite that it is not fully furnished.

With the old carpet removed, and a couple of dining tables placed in the studio, we were ready to road test it.

South African cave art was on the menu, after a brief intro, the children were asked to go out on to the field to forage for leaves, grass, broken flower heads (strictly no picking) which were used to help colour their cave paintings. Mud paint was mixed and sticks were used as applicators (brushes and paint were on standby too).

A lot of mess later and some ‘interesting’ cave designs were produced. Some children went on to paint warrior designs on tribal shields.

All in all it was a good trial run for the Art Cabin. Hopefully the new furniture/equipment will arrive in September, then the fun can really begin.

I now intend to enjoy the summer break….. until September then my friends!

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