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Christmas Character models

I couldn’t resist doing a little festive project this year. So, using balloons as our armatures, the students created their very own Christmas character paper maché model. The children decided for themselves what type of character they wanted to make and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety we had. Santa (of course), reindeer, snowmen, Christmas bunnies, Christmas puddings and Christmas penguins!

The balloons were paper machéd until they were quite solid (we did around four layers of newspaper and used child friendly paste glue with PVA mixed in), then painted them with poster and acrylic paint. The finishing touches of making scarves and Santa hats really brought their cheeky characters out. The students thoroughly enjoyed this project and all the models were finished in time to take home to put on display.

So, all I need to do is wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year x


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Christmas crafts for kids

This great idea came from an Usbournes Christmas Crafts book. It’s a lovely project and my young artists have thoroughly enjoyed making them.

They are made from Pringles crisp tubes. You will also need some card, glue, paper, black & orange paint and felt (red and white) for the hat and tummy.

The tube was cut approximately 7cms down from the top (the smaller part becomes the head and the longer part is the body). A card insert, 2 cms longer than the depth of the head, was stuck inside the small part of the tube, this is so the head fixes on the body (like a lid).

Cut out wings, feet, tail & beak shapes from the card (leave small tabs on the tail and beak so you can glue them on the tube).

The body, head, tail & wings were painted black and the beak & feet orange. Glue all the body parts in position.

Cut the eye shapes from paper and stick above the beak. Cut out the tummy, bobble and fur trim from white felt and the hat from the red felt, glue the hat pieces together (or sew). Stick the tummy on the body, line up the top edge of the tummy with the top edge of the body. Finally, fill the body part with your favourite sweets or treats.

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