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paper maché jug

Here are a few more photos of jugs and vases created by young children in the Art Cabin. Information on how these were made can be found in earlier posts called ‘Clarice Cliff inspired vases’.

I would like to thank Ms Ale from Art lessons for kids whose ‘Greek Vase lessons’ got me inspired to do this project. Clarice Cliff designs are a favourite of mine and introducing the Art Cabin kids to her work through making vases of their own was a perfect project – I just couldn’t resist.

The vases have gone on display in the foyer of the school and are truly admired by the people who visit. The children are incredibly proud of their work and I’ve watched their confidence grow throughout this particular project – it’s priceless.


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paper maché crafts

At last we have a couple of completed jugs to show you. This project has taken quite a long time to complete, but I think the effort and dedication the children have shown it, has paid off.

These jugs were inspired by the ceramicist Clarice Cliff. They are made from paper maché and painted with acrylic and poster paints.

I will post some more photos up as soon as the other young artists finish painting theirs.

Paper maché crafts

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Clarice Cliff inspired vases

This just might be the best bit of the project.

For those children whose paper maché was set hard, time had come to pop the balloon so that the inside could be patched up. All went well, we only had one vase casualty when the shrinking balloon pulled the sides of the paper maché inwards.  This was quickly rectified by pushing the concave surfaces back to their original form before floods of tears set in. Phew!

The vases must now have a quick thin coat of PVA inside and out just to protect them before they are painted.

In my next post, hopefully I shall have some photos of the vases being painted.

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Clarice Cliff inspired vases

We are still working on the Clarice Cliff inspired vases. Four layers of paper maché have been applied to the balloons and now it’s time to design the handle/s.

Clarice Cliff used many different shaped handles on her ceramics, so the young artists had plenty of inspiration to come up with their own idea.

Rolled up newspaper wrapped in masking tape (and a pipe cleaner for the more adventurous shape) were used to make the style often seen on jugs. The famous triangular shaped handles used on her teapot designs, were created by using  2 pieces of card cut to the desired shape, with newspaper rolled up and sandwiched in the middle to give that 3D effect. Once this was all masking-taped together the handles were attached to the vases with tape and paper machéd over.

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Clarice Cliff inspired vase project

This project incorporates design, painting and messy modelmaking. The idea is to paper maché a balloon to make a vase and paint it in the style of the wonderful Art Deco ceramicist Clarice Cliff.

I was lucky enough to come across a fabulous book in the library called  – Clarice Cliff, The Bizarre Affair, by Leonard Griffin and Louise K & Susan Pear Meisel, illustrating the colourful designs by Clarice Cliff. Perfect reference for the young artists, who set about creating their own vase patterns.

Watercolours were used to paint the designs, trying to limit the children to 4 colours plus black … (not as easy as it sounds).

The children then moved on to modelmaking. A balloon with a circular cardboard base and neck taped in place made the ideal vase shape mould. Wallpaper paste and squares of newspaper were applied. The children will need to apply about 3 to 4 layers of newspaper, and this will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

I shall keep you posted on the progress …

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