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When I’m not doing art clubs and workshops, I spend my time working as one half of the art duo ‘Quiet British Accent’. The other half of the duo is my husband, Jason. Together, we use a variety of signwriting and sewing techniques to explore our love of lettering, language and pop culture.


This is our studio (it’s a bit messy because we’re getting ready for an exhibition)

Recently we collaborated on an art project with the students from our village school, creating a poster to brighten up the local train station, Cuffley.

We thought it would be fun to create a poster that people could interact with (super useful if you’ve just missed your train and you need to while away some time!).

Our poster is based on the good old ‘Spot The Difference’ idea. Students created the illustrations and Quiet British Accent (QbA) created the lettering and layout; using the red, white and light blue colours in keeping with QbA’s look.

So, if your destination is Cuffley, see if you can spot ten differences on our poster.






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Still Life Drawing/Painting

When thinking about this project I was worried that the children wouldn’t enjoy the quiet concentration needed to be able to produce work they would be proud of. How wrong I was! I was so impressed with the Art Cabin kids, they worked quietly and listened to my instruction. In fact at one point you could hear a pin drop.

We talked about composition and the children arranged items such as bottles, fruit, vases and vegetables on white paper so that the shadows could be seen clearly. Charcoal was used as the drawing medium. Somes children wanted to add colour to their pictures and so they used watercolour paints.


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sketch of lower jaw bone of sheep

Monday, ….. my feet didn’t touch the ground!

I used the morning to prepare (despite using most of the half term to prepare also) ……  believe me, there is never enough preparation one can do when dealing with 16 children age range between 5-11 years.

My lovely assistant Lyn arrived to help out despite not feeling 100%, that’s dedication for you!

The lunchtime art club was a pretty relaxed affair, years 5 & 6 were on the rosta today. They dabbled with sketching sheep and fox skulls (they were clean and bleached of course), they also began creating fantasy castles (dragging 3 colours of paint North, using different widths of card. When the paint dries, roofs and minute details can be added to give the illusion of huge castles. The messy rating is 8/10.

During the afternoon we spent time with small groups from class 3 & 4 making collage. The themes were Tudor portraits and designing costumes for Macbeth.

The after school club was a great success, the children worked on the same projects as the lunchtime crew,  but in more detail. They all seemed to enjoy it. I had to smile at the end, we had a queue for the loo, a queue to wash paint off hands, little ones too small to reach the taps and mucky fingers every which way you turned.

The lesson I learnt this week ….. be more prepared! …… We shall have bowls of water at the ready to wash hands in next week. Messy rating 10/10

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