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More Mosaics pics

The young artists are working really well. Two contemporary mosaic designs are now ready for grouting.


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The exciting bit started this week. Each child had their own pot of glue, brush and a rainbow of  tesserae to begin bringing their mosaic design to life. This is not a quick process, so it will be interesting to see if the concentration levels wain over the next couple of weeks.

I forgot to mention last week that we had a visit from two members of the Parish Council. They were very interested in the progress that the Art Cabin had made.  I mentioned in an earlier entry that the Parish Council had granted the Art Cabin £500 to buy equipment/supplies.

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The mosaic project

So, half term is over and our new project is mosaics ……. but just not any old mosaic, the young artists will be using the art of mosaic to design their own clock. The success of this project will be in the preparation. The young artists had books to inspire their design. Templates of the clock face were transfered onto tracing paper and simple designs drawn onto it. Next the children could either work out their colour scheme by using felt pens or paper mosaic, I did have a few tiles as well for them to experiment with.

This project is not an easy one (remember I have an age range of 5-11yrs), so it will be interesting to see how this one progresses.

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